Baneberry Meadows (previously Walnut Hill) was originally part of a 300 acre parcel of land acquired by John Alexander on December 19th, 1786 through a deed from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A copy of this deed, signed by Benjamin Franklin on behalf of the Commonwealth, and today it hangs in our lobby along with a patent document from February 7th, 1788. John Alexander named the 300 acre property the Alexandria Plantation, and a marker by the farmhouse commemorates the original name for the property.

In 1807 Mr. Alexander transferred the entire property to Thomas Jones who owned the property until 1855. In 1855 the property was sold to Henry & Michael Hoyman who split the land into smaller areas. Michael Hoyman built the farmhouse that you see on our property today. Based on the architecture, we believe the farmhouse was built around the time of the civil war – circa 1865. The farmhouse and adjacent property stayed in the Hoyman family until 1902. From 1902 to 1921, the property had several owners. The barn burned down around 1930 and was rebuilt as you see it today.

In 1921 Ora Stahl bought 100 acres of the property and lived there about 60 years with his wife, Pearl Logan Stahl. Pearl was the granddaughter of Captain William Logan who served in the civil war on the side of the North, he had a distinguished military career. You can see Pearl & Ora’s photos still hanging in our lobby to this day. 

In the 1980’s, the 100 acre Stahl farm was broken into several parcels and Lesley & Gerard O’Leary bought six acres of the property (including the farmhouse and barn) in July of 1984. The O’Leary’s restored the farmhouse and built the beautiful interior of the barn that you see today. It was brought by Ed & Jacqueline Pencoske in 2011 and then, ten years later, sold to the owners of today.

With special thanks to the previous owners Ed and Jackie, as well as Pearl and Ora – the owners prior to them – for taking such amazing care of the grounds and buildings, and being so wonderful to us and all previous guests.