This time of year you’ll start seeing life after the cold of winter, flowers in full bloom, berries popping up, calfs and foals in neighbouring fields and even the helpful bees, butterflies and ladybirds.


As the days get warmer you’ll see the grass grow, the hay yellow and the hear the warm hum of life as the bees work and the everything grows with the sun and the sky beating down. Our summers at Baneberry Meadows are peaceful and beautiful. At night you might see some frogs hopping, cats hunting and (if you’re lucky) fireflies hovering around.


When the colours change and leaves litter the grounds it truly makes for a beautiful sight and an amazing backdrop for any event. There will be hues of bright red, vibrant orange, and warm yellows as far as the eyes can see.


When the cold rolls in and snow blankets the ground the atmosphere in Donegal changes dramatically. Wrap up warm and brave the thick pillowy snow, see the animal tracks mapped out, snuggle up inside where it’s toasty or just enjoy the views. While much quieter than the warmer months it’s a sight worth seeing!

Inside & rooms

Our rooms and facilities throughout Baneberry Meadows. In the barn we have a large dinning room, a full bar, a conference room, a full kitchen and smaller condo kitchen attached. Four full bedrooms, each with their own bathroom.

In the farm house is a fully functioning and separate building, with four bedrooms, a kitchen, living rooms and soon to be bridal dressing rooms and grooms own area. The house is attached to our beautiful pavilion, which it close to our pond area and over looks the garden.